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Michael Dancing I lost count for Michael's Birthday but I'll figure it out.

Michael looks sexy In this Picture!

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The Begining

Michael was born August 29,1958 In Gary Indiana.  He was the seventh of nine children to Katherine and ten to Joseph Jackson.  As a child his father abused him and his siblings. At four years old Michael was working in a band called the Jackson Five. At this time they werent famous yet. But when Michael was eleven they got a call from motown and that is where it all Began... In 1982 Michael release THRILLER one of his biggest selling albums and perhaps the worlds biggest selling album till this day! In Moonwalk a book written by Michael, he admits wanting thriller to be best selling album laughing he said it never happen. In 1983 he did the dance we call the Moonwalk on Motown 25'. In 1993 (the year not to be remember depise that year.) he was charged of child molestion, he paid the child over 20 million dollars. in 2000 he came out with his album Invicible which didnt sell as many albums as Michael wanted (So if you still dont have Invincible there's still time go and buy your own Invicible today!) In 2001 Michael's 3ed child prince michael Joe jackson Jr.2ed known as Blanket reason because he is a blanket of love (no that is not weird Michael cant even give his child a nick name without it being critized) People made a fit and still do when Michael simply held baby blanket off his balcony in 2002. In 2003 he did a interview with Martin Bashier He wasent very Nice.  It's now 2004 and Michael has A new single out called Number Ones and was accused of child molestion. Which we all know Michael will come through and Come Out INNOCENT

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Michael And Jermaine Being Show Offs!

Hey did you know?

That Michael Is sueing Eminem for his new song, I'm Glad becuase He has No right talking about Michael that way I read on a site that I qoute Eminem saying something like this Michael should'nt be treated this way he deserves more respect Then He goes and Makes a rap about MJ like that I swear Eminem only cares about Money and getting fans of MJ to listen Yet, IM not listening never did and Never will don't know about you but o well I hope Michael Wins!